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SommerHome Vol.1: Decorating our new apartment

I have great news - we’re soon moving to our new home! I couldn’t be happier about it, but I’m even more excited about choosing all the colors and furniture for it. So, here is a sneak peak of my new home and how and where I find the inspiration, ideas and furniture. You don’t need to be an interior designer to decorate your house, with some research you can do most of it yourself. I’m no designer, but I do have clear ideas of what style I like. And I did ask help from my two friends who are interior designers and they gave me great advice. One of them also has a lovely shop/showroom in Puerto Banús called Luxury Homes Design. So if you’re looking for help or need any kind of furniture, don’t hesitate to visit him for a consultation. Even though the showroom is very luxurious, he does have all types of furniture available and he is excellent in decorating a new home or even reforming your current house.

Collage of my colours and ideas made by my friend!

Even though I knew how I would like my home to look like, I decided to find some more inspiration and ideas from Pinterest before ordering and deciding anything. Then from all the photos I saved to my ‘Interior’ board, I chose 20 photos that I printed and from those we chose the best ones together with my boyfriend. But since he trusts me, I am very happy he let’s me choose most of the decoration! So after we had agreed more or less on the colours, we had the painter make different color samples on the walls. And not only on one wall, also in the corridor, where there is hardly ever light and also in another darker corner. And it’s very interesting to see how the color changes. So in the end, we went for a bit lighter tones, but decided to make 2 walls in the living room dark, as well as one of the walls in the master bedroom. The main colors we went for are different shades of grey, taupe and beige with a touch of black and gold. And we will have a bit of colour as well with details like peonies, pillows etc. We also decided to paint the doors dark taupe/grey since the wood didn’t really suit the style we are going for. And actually it has a big impact to the whole look of the place.

Luxury Homes Design Showroom in Puerto Banus
Before and after

The next step was ordering the furniture - sofa, bed and dining table chairs, since we already have a dining table. Luxury Homes Design is perfect place for those things! They have so many different catalogs and companies to choose from. The furniture we chose is modern, but has a classical touch that makes it timeless. Another thing I really like is to mix old with new. That is why we already bought a very cool vintage bar trolley as well as two vintage brass bedside tables from the Flea Market in the poligono of San Pedro de Alcantara(they took ages to clean but they look amazing!). You’ll find great furniture there as well as accessories, but the best place for all the little details is the Market in Fuengiolra every Saturday morning until 14:00. The next step will be decorating the guest room and the wardrobe room! I can’t wait to see and show you how it will all look! Stay tuned for my next posts that will be about planning our 30th Birthday Party that's in May and also about my soon-to-come E-SHOP! Until then enjoy some a selection of my favourite interior ideas and follow me on Pinterest for some more!

Master Bedroom

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