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A day on a sailing boat in Pärnu, Estonia!

It was the perfect day for a sailing - 25 degrees, sunny & with some gusts of wind to get us going. We took some drinks and snacks and headed to the Pärnu Port that actually just finished its new cruise ship port and the fist cruise ship also docked there for a day during our stay! Well done Pärnu! If you're ever visiting Estonia, Pärnu is a must-visit. Named as Estonia’s Summer Capital, Pärnu is definitely the jewel in the crown of the Baltic coast. Beachside bars, funfairs and restaurants open from May to September, but there’s also beautiful countryside and long beaches to retreat to. Anyway hope you enjoy our little boat trip as much as we did and if you're going to Parnu, don't forget there is a big Weekend Festival going on this weekend with Deadmau5, Alesso and many more!

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