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Discovering Tallinn Vol.1: Rotermann Quarter & The Old Town

Since it had been over a year and a half that I hadn't visited my home country Estonia, it was amazing to see the new buildings and all the changes in the capital, Tallinn. I have always loved the Rotermann Quarter that is located right in the centre of the city, between the Old Town, the port, and Viru Square. What I love is how the old industrial buildings have been given new functions as they stand next to modern architecture. The industrial area started to thrivingly develop in the 19th century and it was the location for a department store, a factory that produced starch, spirit, tables, and pasta, a mill that produced bread, flour, and groat, buildings of a steam saw, and a salt warehouse, which is one of the most unique preserved limestone structures in Estonia. Currently, the building houses the Museum of Estonian Architecture, which was built on the basis of a design by a Baltic German Ernst Boustedt in 1908. It was so nice to see how this area continues to grow and develop with each year. There are many cool restaurants, shops, and the multiplex Coca Cola Plaza in Rotermann Quarter. And they have built more apartments that are available for purchase if you're interested in investing in Estonia. If you're just visiting, make sure to have a stroll and a bite in that cool urban quarter!

Right next to Rotermann lies the famed Old Town of Tallinn that needs no introduction. Tourists from all over the world visit Tallinn to admire the best preserved medieval city in Northern Europe boasting Gothic spires, cobblestone streets and enchanting architecture. Once a home to wealthy merchants settling from Germany, Denmark and beyond, Tallinn Old Town today is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike, with numerous restaurants, bars, museums and galleries bringing life to this historical city centre. When you're in Tallinn, you must spend in this medieval area. For more info visit:

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