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Discovering Tallinn Vol.2: The New Balti Station Market

I was so excited to discover the brand new Balti Jaam aka Balti Station Market, that opened its doors earlier this year after a full renovation. Bringing close to 300 different retailers and smaller producers, you will find the freshest and most interesting goods, all under one roof - at the Balti Station Market. Located in north Tallinn between the city’s main railway station, the popular residential district of Kalamaja and near the Old Town, this nostalgic market from 1993 famous for offering exotic post-soviet experiences especially for tourists, was quite the attraction with its colourful selection of merchandise. In addition to reasonably priced groceries, visitors could find anything from Soviet era vintage clothing, everyday items and toys to used sanitary fittings, tools and plumbing equipment. The second-hand stalls were a goldmine for vintage clothing and music fans. I remember coming here years ago, when I lived in Tallinn and I always found something cool. And it's still very cool, but totally different and brand new!

It was nice to see that the existing beautiful limestone facades of the storage buildings from the 1870s have been preserved and the new extensions support the architecture of the existing buildings by amplifying and expanding it with new roof rhythms. The new buildings simplify the flow of pedestrians through the market and increase the safety of the whole area. Besides fresh fruit and vegetables, you will find a wide selection of local products, as well as a whole street food section, with 12 different vendors to choose from. With plenty of parking, don’t forget about the antiques, clothing, shoes, handicrafts, brewery, supermarket, and fitness club as well.

Opening times:

Open 09:00 - 19:00,

Sat, Sun 09:00 - 17:00

Street food area open daily 09:00 - 20:00

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