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My Christmas Dinner in Marbella

Merry Christmas to everyone from Marbella, Spain! This year I decided to spend Christmas holidays in my home in Marbella and my family from Estonia didn't mind flying over to celebrate it with us here. But since they didn't arrive until the 25th of December, the real Christmas Day (24th December) we celebrated with my boyfriend's Spanish family and the next day his father made a huge delicious Turkey! Therefore with my Estonian family, we celebrated Christmas on the 26th this year. As for the dinner, my boyfriend prepared a lovely lamb in the oven with Rosemary and other herbs, my mother made a traditional Estonian salad as well as a three layer vegetable dish (carrot-broccoli-celeriac). Two things that I really love to have for Christmas is Horseradish and also Estonian spicy Mustard. It just suits so well with the meat as well as with the veggies. As for what I wore, I opted for the same Zara dress as last year - since I hadn't worn it at all during the year and I really like it. Christmas really is the best time of the year - all the family gets together, everyone is joyful and loving and if you have been a good girl/boy, you might even get a little present or two! And everything is sparkly and bright - what's there not to love! I hope everyone of you have had a magical Christmas and I hope you've been lucky enough to have spent it with the ones you love!

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