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Mexico Blog #2: Dining at Barcelo Maya Grand Resort

One of the reasons why travellers usually opt for an all-inclusive holiday is definitely the unlimited food & drink you will enjoy. And trust me, there’s plenty of wining and dining options at Barcelo Maya Grand Resort. The breakfast buffet is amazing - I loved the fresh juices and of course you can start your day already with a glass of bubbly or a mimosa if you wish! There is something for everyone there and also there are 24 hour snack bars open at the resort, just in case you missed lunch. As for the A la carte restaurants, there are 11 of them in total at Barcelo Maya Grand Resort. Each offering a particular cuisine, such as Mexican, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian, French and even Japanese! The All Inclusive programme also offers 24-hour snacks and drinks, so you’ll never go thirsty or hungry that’s for sure. Our favourite restaurant was definitely the French one - The Brasserie. The service was impeccable, as was the food and the whole experience of dining outside hearing the relaxing sound of the waves of the Caribbean Sea. NOTE: The A la carte restaurants always require a dress code though - long pants and shoes for men, note that down when you’re packing! The restaurants are open between 6:00pm – 10:30pm and you need to reserve! Just one last thing: Make sure to kick-start your first dinner with a shot of Tequila to spice up your Mexican holiday!

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