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Our engagement weekend in Malaga!

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

My boyfriend gave me a weekend getaway trip in Malaga for our 7th anniversary, which we celebrated with my ‘’little’’ sister(she’s 15, but looks and acts like 18!), as she was visiting us during that week! He had told me that we will enjoy the pool & the spa at the most beautiful hotel in Malaga, Gran Miramar Hotel, and then we will be staying at an AirBnb apartment in the centre, followed by dinner at our favorite restaurant - Pez Tomillo! Little did I know, he had so much more in store…

As we were soaking up the sun by the pool at the stunning 5*GL Hotel in Malaga, he gave me his first surprise envelope - room keys for the hotel! What an amazing surprise - I have always wanted to spend the night here and enjoy this beautiful hotel! And if that wasn’t enough, during our pre drink before heading for dinner, he handed me his second surprise gift, that was an all inclusive trip to Maldives for next February! I couldn’t believe it!!! What a dream come true! And if that wasn’t enough, he had a third gift in store, which he gave to me in the restaurant… but this one I will keep as a secret - but I can say that I actually started crying with that one…

As much as I think I know (or knew) my boyfriend after being together with him for 7 years, he still manages to surprise me. And to be honest he is not that much of a surprise person. He has given me a lot of beautiful gifts and gestures, but usually I’m the one who gets to surprise him. Anyway, I guess the tables have turned, as he really surprised me that day with all of his preplanning and amazing presents… And as we enjoyed our last drink on the rooftop of the hotel, including my little sister Lauren, he suggested we head downstair to a quieter terrace for a drink, as the music was too loud. And I could tell he was getting a little bit nervous. But I honestly didn’t think there’s more surprises in store, as all of those gifts were already too much! But last but not least, he handed me the final envelope, therefore I was totally confused what could be in there… And there was a Tiffany diamond ring certificate and in a second later, he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Right there, with the full moon above us on the hottest night of the summer with my younger sister as a witness - and of course I said YES! Love you Sam, to the blue moon and back!!!

Stay tuned for more posts of our wedding planning, as well as some inspiration posts I’m about to publish soon! Or follow me on Pinterest for all the ideas I have been collecting since then! We already have a little plan in place, but if you have any ideas where to get married or any other suggestions, feel free to comment below! And if you have any questions, you can always email me:

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