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My photoshoot with Katrina Tang, who has shot for Gucci, Harrods & more..

I’m so excited to reveal a little photoshoot I got to do with the super talented photographer from Estonia, Katrina Tang, who is actually now residing in Marbella, Spain. So if you’re thinking about having some photos done of yourself or of your family - please take advantage of this opportunity as she really has an amazing eye and so much experience having shot for so many various brands and she also has this incredible talent for capturing the beauty of small children as well as families.

a little bit about Katrina

Katrina Tang is a talented and award-winning photographer from Estonia, who approaches her work with authenticity and love for storytelling. After 15 years and over 500 clients, she’s seen and done it all. She received a BA in Commercial Photography and started her photography journey with documentary portraiture and editorial work (while being an assistant in one of the biggest photo studio in London). She now specializes in advertising & editorial photography, but also takes pleasure in capturing the everyday moments of family life.

Her keen instincts and unique vision have led her to create a stunning portfolio, taking her on an incredible journey and earning her recognition worldwide.  Her beautiful eye for detail and sense of empathy reflects throughout her work. Dedicated to capturing the fading charm of rural schools or the beauty and simplicity of everyday life in her personal projects, she has also worked with prestigious brands such as Gucci, Škoda, Aptamil, Clarks, The Times, MilK, and Harrods etc., showcasing her impressive commercial and advertising portfolio. Over the years, Katrina's work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and publications, and she has received many accolades for her work.

Contact details:

WhatsApp: +372 56243818


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