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#SommerMusic November Top 10

#SommerMusic November Top 10

I will try to update you with some of my favourites tracks each month! My taste in music has changed over time and most of the songs in my iTunes playlist are Electonic/Deep Vocal House, bits of good newsoul, soul, r’n’b and I can’t deny that also some pop songs are hiding in there too. So here you go - welcome to #SommerMusic November edition!

1.Sam Smith ‘Writings on the wall’

The new Bond song has really gotten to me. Can’t stop listening to it!

2. The Commodores ‘Nightshift’ (Finnebassen Edit)

One of my favourite DJs has remixed this old song originally from 1985.

3. Jamie Woon ´Sharpness’

LOVE love LOVE this silky new tune by Jamie Woon! He has kept a low profile since his 2011 album Mirrorwriting. But thank god he's finally shared a track from its as-yet-untitled follow-up, which comes out later this year on PMR. If you still haven’t heard about this amazing British singer, head to iTunes and download his album(s) today!

4. Bob Moses ‘Like it or Not’

What happens when deep house meets live instruments and sultry singing? This duo is what happens. New York-based duo released their debut album this year with “Like It Or Not” as the opening track.

5. Rudimental feat Anne-Marie & Will Heard ‘Rumour Mill’

The English drum and bass band released yet another hit. And it's not a rumour, it's a definite hit!

6. DJ Fudge ‘You Are My High’

Based in Hong Kong, Frenchman DJ Fudge is considered to be one of the most versatile and prolific house music artists of his generation... This song is my high!

7. Ferdinand Weber ‘What’

A catchy and sophisticated piece of deep house here from Ferdinand Weber. Originally posted on the blogs for the first time in March 2014, Ferdinand Weber 'What' finally comes as an official release on Spinnin' Deep.

8. Shazz feat Michael Robinson ’Mirage’

Shazz, is a French record producer and remixer. Although released in 2009 I discovered this song end of this summer.

9. Miles Davis ‘My Funny Valentine’

I discovered the American jazz musician's amazing song again through my current favourite series 'Homeland'..

10. Usher ‘I Don’t Mind’

My old time favourite Usher got me listening to his latest hit.. A little slow r’n’b never hurt nobody.

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