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Merry Christmas from Estonia!

It's Christmas! And it's my favourite time of the year.. and I mean it! I'm a total Christmas freak and I don't mean only in December.. I mean from October onwards! Christmas music, the gifts, the charming lights and the fact that I get to go home to Estonia and be with my family..

I'm originally from the summer capital of Estonia, a small city called Pärnu and most of my family still lives here. It's such a pleasure to relax in your childhood home during Christmas.. the best feeling in the world! Even though we're missing the snow this year.. but I don't need snow to feel like Christmas, all I need is my loved ones. And home-cooked food doesnt hurt either!

So I just wanted to say to my readers, thank you for reading my blog and stay tuned for more photos and places to go in Estonia!

Merry Christmas and a very happy end of 2015!

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