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My Marbella Winter Style Picks

This winter I’m really into big, oversized and cozy sweaters and sweater dresses. They go both with casual shoes as well as with heels and they are like a match made with heaven with the over-the-knee boots that is so 'in' this year. Another thing that is trending now is lace up tops. And I can't make this post without mentioning white & beige coats. I will definitely have to get a new one next winter, since I’ve worn my beige classic coat almost every day. But all of these clothes are actually only practical in Marbella. I could have never dreamt of having suede boots in Estonia. The amount of rain and snow we get over there makes you say no to these kind of shoes. But luckily enough, we have 300 sunny days a year in Marbella, so all the non-practical clothes and boots I could not wear in Estonia are becoming really handy here in Spain. Anyway, if you’re reading this you must share the same taste as me, so I hope you enjoy my winter style picks and see more from my Pinterest!

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