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Shopping Secrets #1: Hot Bikinis for less than €20

In less than 2 weeks, I'll be traveling again to Thailand as well as to Malaysia and of course I had to get a new bikini for this holiday. Not just because I had none, but because they were really cheap and I thought it wouldn't hurt to order a couple of swimsuits to see how they will be in real life. And I didn't really find anything in the shops in Marbella that I loved as much. Since I'm a huge fan of palm tree pattern, I ordered the Palm Tree Braided Bikini Set for just €15 with a quite a big cleavage, but it's still fits great and is perfect for those palm-tree-filled beaches of Thailand. The other bikinis I chose was the Padded Nude Cami Bikini set with a slightly smaller bottom, so you can really get the smallest tan lines possible. Match it with a pair of Golden Glam Shades or Miami Shades from my SommerShop and you're all set for the hot summer of 2017!

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