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Everything you need to know about Freezing your Eggs in HC Marbella!

Are you in the age group of 25-35, don’t have children and you want to put off having a family when the time is right.? Why not freeze your eggs in the best clinic of Marbella - HC Marbella International Hospital. Since I am over 30 and my biological clock is ticking I find this topic extremely interesting. Plus the tendency now is leaning towards having kids after 30, making this a hot topic for all the women who are my age. And even if you have a steady partner, we never know what can happen that can affect your fertility, so freezing your eggs is something to consider and investigate. I’m sure you are wondering straight away how much does freezing you eggs cost in HC Marbella? Because that was one of my first questions. Marbella High Care International Hospital has over 30 medical specialties with state of the art Laboratory Equipment and Techniques, so I was expecting a very expensive price tag for this treatment. Actually, the prices start from just 2500€! I spoke to Fiona Foddai, who is the Patient Coordinator at HC Marbella and asked her all the questions I could think of about this subject.

1. Can any woman freeze their eggs?

First of all you will need to do Hormone Profile to determine the function of her ovaries, this is a simple blood test taken on day 2 or 3 of her cycle.

2. What is the last age for a woman to freeze her eggs? And what would be the recommended age?

Each woman is different, but ideally before 40 years of age. We get many requests for this treatment too late and unfortunately from the age of 36 years old our eggs start to lose quality, so a good time to plan a cycle of preservation is from mid 20s to mid 30s.

3. How does the procedure look like? Is it painful? How long does it take?

We recommend a short protocol of 12 days of injections to stimulate the ovaries to produce more eggs. It is not a painful procedure, because the injections are the type used for insulin. The egg retrieval takes place under anaesthesia and it only takes around 10-15 minutes. There is usually no discomfort following this procedure, only some ladies feel slight period pains but usually there is nothing more than this.

4. Is it dangerous in any way?

There are some risks in the stimulation but at HC Marbella Fertility the patient is monitored very closely and any signs of hyper stimulation the treatment is stopped.

5. How much does it cost?

The cost of a cycle of Preservation is 2500€ + 600€ for the freezing and annual maintenance of the eggs.

6. How popular is this procedure?

In the UK and the USA it is very popular, but in the rest of the world much less, perhaps for lack of information.

7. Do you also carry out genetic tests prior to the procedure?

Genetic testing can be arranged if there is a reason for this, but normally the test are the usual serology and general blood test to determine a healthy person.

8. Why should you freeze your eggs?

Egg Freezing allows a woman to protect the current health of her eggs which increases her chances of successfully conceiving through IVF if she should find herself struggling to conceive later on. Or for other women, you can have a social reason such as focusing on school or a career therefore not having the time to meet or find the right life partner. Lastly, medical concerns might be a factor. Some forms of early menopause, such as premature ovarian failure, has the potential for a woman to have significantly fewer healthy eggs than other women of the same age group.

The HC Fertility Center is located near Puerto Banus, just 200 meters from the sea and is situated within 14,000 sq. m. of land with surrounding gardens providing a uniquely exclusive setting designed to create a feeling of peace and make our patients feel as relaxed as possible. It has two operating theatres, a laboratory for blood analysis, and three laboratories for Andrology, Genetics and Reproductive Medicine which are equipped with the most modern and technically advanced medical instruments, permitting the center to offer the most sophisticated treatment techniques in the field of assisted reproduction. In addition, the center has 11 modern and luxurious rooms where patients have all the comforts they need for a rapid and complete post-operative recovery.

If you have more questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please email Fiona Foddai, call +34 952 908 628 or check their website:

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