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What to do in Kuala Lumpur?

One of the top things to see in Kuala Lumpur is definitely the landmark of the city - the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. But before visiting them, we decided to discover the Central Market and also the crazy cool Chinatown, which was walking distance from it. Central Market Kuala Lumpur is considered to be a centre for Malaysian culture, art and craft and as a building with significant historical value Central Market has come a long way from its early beginning as a wet market built in 1888. Currently, you will find more than 300 shops featuring local handicrafts, textiles, souvenirs, collectibles and restaurants in this cool art-deco structure Market hall. We also tried some local street food, nearby the market, which was unbelievably good.

From the Central Market, we made our way to the Petronas Towers and took some great photos with the 451m-tall pair of glass-and-steel-clad skyscrapers with Islamic motifs. But instead of going up to the towers, we were advised to admire them from the best rooftop bar in Kuala Lumpur - the Sky Bar at the Traders Hotel. Even though it was a bit rainy that evening, we had a great experience there and enjoyed not only the views but also the delicious cocktails. After the drinks, we headed for dinner to Bijan Restaurant, where they serve amazing Malaysian cuisine - a must-try for all the foodies out there. What I can say about Kuala Lumpur is that compared to Bangkok, you will be surprised how clean the streets are and due to the majority of the muslims there, you won’t be able to buy alcohol in every corner like in Thailand. Kuala Lumpur is definitely more advanced and modern than Bangkok, plus you will feel safe at all times, but then again as crazy as Bangkok is I think I love them both equally, just in different ways. As for where we stayed, check my previous blog about The Stripes Hotel!

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