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Shopping Secrets #2: Designer & Vintage Items up to 70% off

Looking for a luxury resale store online? Would you like to buy a Chanel Bag or Vintage Dior Earrings for a reasonable price? I have found the answer - Vestiaire Collective App! Vestiaire offers pre-owned fashion items at 30 to 70% off original retail price.

Throughout the years, my shopping habits have changed drastically. First of all, I'm not such an emtional shopper as I used to be and secondly I try to make smarter decisions when shopping. For me, a designer item is not just a must-have because of the hype or marketing(maybe just a little), it's also about investment. Designer goods not only last longer, they are also better quality and you can also resell them. And if you're into vintage items like me, the value of those (when kept in a good condition) will only increase during the years. So I'd rather not buy any shoes for two months and invest in Chanel Shoes or Givenchy Vintage Earrings, which then if I get tired of I can always resell. And I beleive this is the way froward, because it's beneficial not only for the shopaholics, but also for the environment. I'm not saying you need to purchase all of your wardrobe from there, I actully love mixing and matching the high street with designer and vintage items. What I would invest in is accessories, such as bags, belts and jewelry, because you don't really need to try on a bag, it's one size for all. How do you know if the items are real? Another great thing about Vestiaire is that once you buy an item from a person, the item goes under a quality control in their headquarters in Paris and only after that it will be shipped to you. See more: Anyway I hope you enjoyed my shopping tip, more about fashion coming up soon! Watch this space!

About Vestiaire

Vestiaire Collective was launched in 2009 with the aim of offering a platform on which members are able to buy and sell, top of the range and pre-owned luxury clothes and accessories. The catalogue is comprised of the most inspiring items coming from the wardrobes of hundreds of thousands of users throughout the World. This selection meets the specific expectations of buyers from across the entire World. Each week, more that 20,000 new items selected by a team of stylists are put on-line and add to strengthening a permanent catalogue of 400,000 products. The site stands out on the basis of its unique quality control. 100% of the products are physically checked by a team of experts. More than 100,000 new members sign up each month, and join an international community of 4 million members. These generate more than 3 million transactions each month. To date 180 people are employed by the start-up and spread across the offices in Paris, New York, London, Berlin and soon Milan and Madrid.

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