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Everything you need to know about Egg Donation at HC Marbella

HC Marbella International Hospital, which is a private hospital located near Puerto Banus, Marbella, began its activity more than a decade ago with the aim of providing high quality medical care. The hospital has a wide range of services, and more than 30 specialties, including the Oncology Unit, General Surgery, Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy, Digestive and Obesity, Breast, Gynecology and Fertility Unit, Plastic Surgery, Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy, Traumatology and Orthopedics, as well as Urology, Cardiovascular and Radiology Unit. But in this blog post I would like to introduce you something I have actually considered - Egg Donation! It is such a beautiful and altruistic thing to do, especially when you put yourself in the position of the other woman who is not able to have children. And you can be the one to make it happen!

HC Fertility Center in Marbella performs under 500 treatment cycles a year and about 40% of these are egg donation cycles. The Center believes that their smaller size benefits patients as they are able to offer personalised individual care. The fertility center is completely integrated with the Gynecology and Pre-Natal Units of the hospital providing patients with continuity of care should it be required. The staff is multi-lingual and can speak Spanish, English, Italian, German, French and Arabic. HC Fertility Center has four laboratories, two theatres and twelve private recovery rooms. The medical team comprises of Gynecology, Obstetrics, and Assisted Reproduction specialists.

I decided to find out more about Egg Donation in Marbella from the patient coordinator, Fiona Foddai:

1. What exactly is Egg Donation?

Donating Eggs is an altruistic act, the donor would be donating some of her eggs (ovocytes) to another woman who cannot produce eggs of her own. They will then be fertilized by the husband’s sperm to produce embryos.

2. What are the requirements for a woman to donate their eggs?

The donor has to be between 18- 30 years of age, in good health and have a good ovarian reserve.

3. How does the screening process look like?

The screenings are mainly blood tests, we check for viral diseases and genetical malformations. Also the donor will see a psychologist before donating.

4.Can you please describe the whole egg retrieval process? Is it 100% anonymous? And how long does it take from start to finish?

Donating eggs is completely anonymous (no connection to the recipient couple is allowed). After the screening results are back and they are all negative, then a recipient couple will be matched to the donor. Both will be put on the contraceptive pill to synchronize their cycles. The donor will then start her stimulation protocol on day 2 or 3 of her period. These are daily injections to stimulate the ovaries to produce more eggs than normal. These injections are for 12 days approximately followed by the egg retrieval on day 12 or 13 of her cycle. This is done under sedation and normally does not produce any pain.

5. Is any of the procedures painful?

It is very unusual there is pain after the egg retrieval, perhaps a little discomfort for a short while.

6. Are there any risks involved?

Of course in any procedure there are risks, hyper stimulation is one of them but our specialist control very closely the donors during the stimulation to avoid any complications. Hyper stimulation is very rare.

7.How much does it cost to be the recipient for donated eggs?

We have 3 options for Egg donation cycles for recipient couples from 3900€ to 7700€.

8.What is the compensation for the egg donor?

The compensation is 900€.

9 What are the benefits of becoming an egg donor?

The benefits of becoming an egg donor is that you have the satisfaction of helping another couple achieve their dream, and also the screening the donors go through is very thorough and would cost a great deal if they wanted to do this for themselves.

10. Why should one choose HC Marbella for egg donation or for being a donor?

Because we have a very high standard of professionals who study each case, not only of the recipient couples but also the donors. We take great care in their well being and for this reason many donors come back to us.

Cost of Treatments The advertised price of an Exclusive Egg Donation treatment is from €7700. Donor preparation and egg collection, ICSI, and transfer are all included. Donor selected according to your characteristics. No waiting time. All the donor’s eggs, minimum 8 eggs guaranteed. Higher possibility to freeze extra embryos. Guaranteed 2nd transfer. 65%-75% success rate The advertised price of a Shared Egg Donation treatment is from €5000. Donor preparation and egg collection, ICSI and transfer included. Anonymous donor’s eggs equally divided and shared by 2 recipient couples. Fresh embryo transfer. Possibility to freeze extra embryos. 60% -65% success rate

HC Fertility Center Success Rates 2014/2015 The egg donation clinical pregnancy rate was between 65%-75%. The IVF clinical pregnancy rate was 40%-45%.

If you’re interested to find out more about Egg Donation feel free to email Fiona Foddai :

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