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San Pedro Market - every Thursday

San Pedro de Alcántara street market, that takes place every Thursday from 9-2pm, is located in the 'Recinto Ferial' (fairground) on Calle Jorge Guillén. It's very near the Ronda road and I always park below the street near Burger King. I recommend to go early, for example 9 or 9.30am. You can find clothes, souvenirs, accessories, flowers and of course fresh vegetables and fruit. To get to my favorite stall, take the first right and a man sells a great selection of veggies/fruit a couple of stalls in on the left hand side. For example you can buy avocados for €1.80/2 per kg and of course different vegetables that you usually don't find in a normal supermarket. This market is also a great place to buy berries and herbs!

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