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New Green Menu for Vegans & Vegetarians at La Sala Banus!

Yes, it's official. La Sala Banus has gone green. And I coulnd't be happier about it. La Sala Puerto Banus in Marbella did offer some vegan options before, but now they have a whole new exciting menu out! I tried the Vegan Red Curry as well as the classic Hummus and both were just amazing. Not that I'm 100% vegan or vegetarian, but I'm really working towards it and during the weekdays I can actually say that I am. We don't buy any dairy or meat when shopping for our home, it's just the eating out bit that gets hard. And now La Sala Banus just made it a whole lot easier. According to The Telegraph here are some reasons why you should also consider eating more 'green' and becoming vegan at last 80% at the time!

  • It's good for the environment

  • It's good for the animals

  • You will lose weight

  • It might make you live longer (if you do it for more than a month)

  • Eating vegetables is good for you, duh

  • It makes you smell better

  • It could even make you better in bed...

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