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My interview for TV3 Estonia 7 O'clock News!

A few week's ago TV3 Estonia came to Marbella to visit me and I was happy to host them in my home and to talk about my simple life here and my newest project #SommerFoods. We also met my sister Triin Sommer, who now lives in Marbella as well and she is also helping me with this new superfoods project of mine. Even though it claims I had some language barriers with the locals in the beginning, I must say that I speak now much more than basic Spanish and I try to learn something every day. So my language problems are definitely not an issue and I think it's respectful to learn the language of the country you live in. This interview will probably be hard to understand if you're not Estonian, but there is a few bits also in English that talk about my work in Sala Group! Thank you again for coming Keili from TV3 and hope you will enjoy this small clip. Click HERE to see it!

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