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#SommerFoods at OpenMindFest Festival in Marbella

I would like to thank everyone who visited OpenMindFest and also my little #SommerFoods superfoods stand. This was the first edition of this international charity festival of harmonious life and family values that was held from 13-17th September in Albergue Fuerte de Nagueles (opposite Swans International School). Openmindfest united an international community of highly conscious individuals who gather together with a shared appreciation of yoga, music, health and the family values. It was a great opportunity to connect with a like-minded community, promoting a healthy lifestyle and finding that safe space to be at peace and have the freedom to reach their highest self. Hopefully the festival will take place again next year. If you missed the festival, but you would like to buy my organic superfoods, then head to my online shop now:

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For more info and photos follow the festival on social media:

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