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My New Secret Smoothie Ingredient!

I recently ordered a few interesting products online from an online health shop called Cannamor and I have been using them now for a few weeks and I’d love to share my experiences also with you (as well as an exclusive discount code for taking time to read my little blog!) I chose 3 products, which are the CBD Oil, the Collagen Powder and the Fulvic Humid Acid.

They say that edible hemp products are possibly one of the healthiest superfoods available to people! I’ve used Hemp Seeds and Hemp Protein before, but never the oil itself! So basically the organic CBD Oil (Cannabis Oil is not psychoactive meaning it won’t get you high! This product contains under 0.2%THC and is made from the best organic industrial hemp in Europe. Also it is legal in Europe and in the USA. I use it now as a daily supplement to regulate sleep, digestion and mood, boost energy, balance hormones, fight infection and maintain long-term health. And it’s also good for hair and skin. Don't forget to check Cannamor’s Instagram, where you can also see how beneficial it can be for fighting/relieving the symptoms of some serious diseases, such as epilepsy.

The second product I use daily now is the Fulvic & Humic Acid, which is actually an ancient remedy naturally found in nutrient-rich soil. While the electrolytes found in Fulvic Acid increase the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, Humic Acid promotes the health of your immune system by promoting the release of antibodies and cytokines! How can you say no to that?

Last but not least, my favorite product of them all is the Collagen Powder that I used daily in my morning smoothies! What is Collagen? It0s literally what holds our bodies together! Unfortunately, as we age our bodies’ collagen production slows down. This is why we get wrinkles and our hair loses its strength and shine. It's also why our bones and joints start to weaken. Decreases in collagen have also been linked to digestive problems.

Cannamor’s Collagen Powder has no flavour, so you can add it to your coffee or to a smoothie or oatmeal in the morning or any other recipe if you wish! Studies show taking Collagen Powder is effective for faster tissue repair, minimizing signs of aging, restoring the quality of skin and hair and alleviating the symptoms of arthritis. Love love love this product!

P.S I have a special discount for my readers - use the code TENE4CANNAMOR to receive 10% off your order!

Happy Shopping

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