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Would you like to drive a Mini Moke?

I’ve always had a soft spot classic cars, so when I heard there’s a possibility to drive one, I took the opportunity without further thought. Basically The Jolly Mile is a company in Sotogrande (just 40 minute drive from Marbella), that rents out the stunning Mini Moke cars that date back to the 50s, but the ones they have ‘in stock’ were made back when I was born - 1986! The charming classic car Mini Moke was originally designed for the British Army in the late 1950s. However, after being rejected as not fit for purpose, it was redesigned towards the public with great success, and became an iconic symbol for the rich and elite and their lavish lifestyles, particularly in wealthy Mediterranean areas. The Jolly Mile offer a fleet of original Mini Mokes, each with their own colours, personality and a name of course! And not only do they all feature brand new leather seats and striped hoods, they also include a stunning classic wooden steering wheel, alloy wheels, and even a Bluetooth sound system, so you can either connect to your phone or listen to the The Jolly Mile playlist on Spotify!

Why rent a Mini Make? Because it’s so stylish and cool! Ok, maybe not only for that, but if you’re in Marbella and thinking what to do this weekend, then this is the perfect day out in the stunning Sotogrande area. The Jolly Mile team will provide you with a free Jolly Mile Map to assist you on your travels, so you can cruise around within the resort of Sotogrande, where you can stop at the best shops, bars, restaurants, beach clubs, golf clubs, spa, and enjoy other activities, with special discounts and offers in a selection of establishments for being a Jolly Mile customer. For example, we visited the Santa Maria Polo, where we enjoyed some amazing Argentinean grill, wine and live music, then we made our way to Gigi’s Beach Clubs for some coffee and relaxing. After a drive to Sotogrande port, we also checked out the gorgeous Trocadero Sotogrande that is perfect for tanning or for drinking and dining. And if you have an event coming up, then Mini Mokes can also be hired for it, whether it be for weddings, corporate events, promotions or photo shoots.

Visit their website for more info:

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