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Marbella Life Podcast: #16 Darryn Welch - from a film producer to a hotel owner in Ronda

My guest today is Darryn Welch, born in the UK to a French mother and a British father, but then residing to Marbella when he was just 7 years old. But of course life took him abroad, as he studied film in North Yorkshire, made over 20 movies whilst living in Berlin and now we catch him in a beautiful eco-certified hotel in Ronda called Cueva del Gato, that he owns, besides the lovely Hustle’n’Flow Cafe in San Pedro, that everyone who lives in Marbella is surely  familiar with. This is by far the longest interview I’ve had, but I saw no need to edit anything out, as Darryn takes us on a beautiful journey through his various businesses, talking about life lessons and even parenting. So grab a coffee or an organic wine, and enjoy!

Favorite places:

Excluding HnF!

Brunch & coffee-


Keto Royale


Ammos the Mett hotel

Rincon de Cynthia (marbella)

Taberna Fantástica (Benahavís)

Sonora Beach


Casa Curro (marbella)

Mantaraya (marbella)

La bulla (estepona)

Pachamama (El Paraiso estepona)

Tragata (ronda)

Pedro Romero (ronda)

Dinner & Cocktails (Kalma y Caos)

The Mett hotel


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