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My Veggie Rice Rolls

I’m such a fan of the rice rolls, and so is my family and I’m happy to share with you my version of this (which to be honest is different every single time). I’ll explain now. Since I always use whatever veggies I have in my fridge they always come out different. But I will list here some of my favorite mixes!

You can make them vegan, vegetarian or add chicken or prawns if you’d like! I love mine vegetarian, as even though I don’t add meat, I do like to use a spicy mayo, which is not vegan, but you’re welcome to make your own peanut or sesame sauce so you can have the cleanest rolls possible.

So on to the rolls, the technique is quite easy, you might mess up the first roll, but what I do is:

1. Choose and cut your vegetables/lettuce/herbs in long pieces.

I love Kale and or cabbage or any greens or sprouts, pickled cucumber, carrots, avocado, coriander or parsley (depending on your taste). Sometimes I use raw zucchini, hummus and I have even added noodles in them and it’s so so yummy! You can try anything I’m sure even some nuts would go nicely in there - experiment and let me know!

2. Prepare a bowl with warm water + a big cutting board to do your rolling!

3. Wet your rice paper first then lie it on the cutting board, and then start adding your fillings!

After the veggies I add a squirt of spicy mayo or mint yoghurt in there. Don’t fill it out too much as you can’t close it otherwise!

4. Roll it up and you’re done!

It’s really that easy! The hard part is not eating them whilst you make them.. Enjoy and let me know your favorite rice roll veggie combo!


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