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Nutrition Facts per 100 grams:

Energy: 883 kcal/ 3700 kj

Protein: 0 g

Carbohydrates: 1,4 g

-of which sugars: 0,1 g

Fat: 98,5 g

-of which saturated: 83,5 g 

Salt: 0 g

Recommended daily serving:

1-2 tablespoons (15-30 ml) 

Origin: Philippines

Why is it good?

Coconut oil is one of nature's golden gifts that can not only be used for cooking but it can also be applied to skin and hair. Coconut oil is rich in healthy fats called medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) that are much more easier to digest making this oil the perfect source of energy. 

Unlike long-chain fatty acids found in plant-based oils, MCFAs are:

  • Easier to digest

  • Not readily stored as fat

  • Antimicrobial and antifungal

  • Smaller in size, allowing easier cell permeability for immediate energy

  • Processed by the liver, which means that they’re immediately converted to energy instead of being stored as fat

Coconut Oil Benefits and Uses

  • Coconut Oil for Hair– This nourishing oil has been used for centuries in hair and its unique fat composition makes it especially beneficial for certain hair types. Use it as a hair mask, hot oil treatment, or in homemade hair products.

  • To Moisturize and Nourish Skin– The same properties make coconut oil great for skin as well. Many people like to use it as a natural moisturizer. Its natural antioxidant properties make it great for stopping wrinkles and skin irritation.

  • Digestive Help– Coconut oil’s concentration of beneficial fats in coconut oil makes it helpful for digestion. Its antimicrobial properties can help fight irritation and infection in the gut from Candida.

  • Great Source of Healthy Fats– Over 50% of the fat in coconut oil is lauric acid. In fact, coconut oil is the richest source of lauric acid after breastmilk.

  • Mental Boost– Studies show MCTs may contribute to focus and mental performance.

  • Hormone Support– Getting the wrong kinds of fats can create havoc on hormones. Coconut oil contains specific fats that support the body’s natural hormone production.

  • Immune Support– The MCTs (including lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid) have antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties that make it beneficial for immune support.

  • Great fat for cooking: Coconut oil is a stable oil that doesn’t break down easily at high temperatures like other oils do. It doesn’t go rancid easily and has amazing nutritional properties. It is great for cooking eggs, stir fries, grain free baked goods, and practically any other cooking use.

Recommended daily serving:

1-2 tablespoons (15-30 ml) 

SommerFoods cold-pressed and organic coconut oil is perfect for baking, cooking, frying and why not add it to your smoothies. 

  • Cook With Coconut Oil

  • Take It By The Spoonful

  • Add To Your Smoothies

  • Add Coconut Oil To Your Coffee or Tea

  • Make Coconut Oil Chocolate

  • Bake with Coconut Oil

  • Add To Your Oatmeal

  • Mix it into your yogurt

How to use it?

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