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What are superfoods?

Just 10 years ago I hadn’t even heard about them but now I can’t imagine my life without them. But actually they are not ‘new’ at all. They have been grown and consumed by ancient cultures already for thousands of years -  they just haven't been available to us before. By introducing superfoods and herbs in combination with a clean and nutritious diet helps you balance, protect and strengthen your body so you can live can stay healthy, happy and strong. 


In collaboration with a small Alive Foods Factory in Sweden and its founder Thim Bohm, I am so happy that I can spread the word and offer you the cleanest, most powerful superfoods, herbs, natural sweeteners, oils and supplements available on the market through. After years of studies and witnessing thousands of patients overcome diseases by supporting the body's immune system and other functions by consuming nutritious, organic or wildly harvested foods, superfoods, herbs, it was clear to Thim that the food we consume strongly affects our health and well-being. He has travelled around the world to find not only the best crops, but also to make sure they are produced not just organically but also in an ethical way, meaning the local farmers get paid fairly and that the crops are grown and processed with integrity and quality in mind. And now I'm bringing these foods to you!

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