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Must-Have Face Mask!

This mask is a beauty secret that is not so secret anymore! We all try to fight the ageing and here is a product that let's you do it organically! Originated from Estonia, where I am from, I got it as a present from my sister. Vestige Verdant is an Organic Bioactive Anti Ageing Mask that works like magic!

This deep cleansing and healing face mask keeps your skin fresh, clean and gorgeous by helping you get rid of all the bad stuff hiding under your skin.

What's in it and how is it made?

One of the key ingredients of this face mask is humic acid. A substance, that's molecular structure is so complex, it is impossible to replicate synthetically. This unique face mask is made using acoustic, mechanical and thermo dynamic processes. Using an extremely rare and effective substance as the base component - Estonian balneological peat, untouched for thousands of years, it is refined to excellence on a molecular level to deliver you a rejuvenating face mask like no other.

Uncompromising the organic nature of our product, they have kept it free of all synthetics and harmful ingredients. Processed using a chemical free technology to ensure that Your skin gets the very best care it deserves. Naturally.

And not only the effect of the mask is amazing, I love the design of it. Thank you Vestige Verdant!


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