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#SommerBeauty Secret to Improve Skin Texture

This beauty secret is actually not such a big secret at all. I’m sure most of the women have heard about if not used already. And you might have been using it without knowing! But if you didn’t know about it, I really recommend to try it if you would you like to improve your skin texture, moisture content and at the same time strengthen skin’s barrier.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Hyaluronic Acid Serum is my favourite beauty secret, introduced by my mother and recommended also by Dr.Oz. Hyaluronic acid is actually a natural structural component of skin, and, in fact, is present in connective tissue throughout the human body. Know how a baby’s skin always looks so deliciously dewy and pillowy? It’s because babies are born with a high level of hyaluronic acid, which keeps their skin plump and smooth. Unfortunately, the amount of hyaluronic acid in skin diminishes with age, most significantly after age 40.While you’re never going to get back that perfectly soft baby-skin, it is possible to help restore the skin’s hyaluronic acid content and give grown-up skin a younger and fresher look.

As we age, skin moisture can drop significantly, making the skin lose elasticity and expose the signs of ageing on the skin. Hyaluronic acid plays a critical role in skin health with its unique ability to hold in moisture (1000 ml of water per gram of hyaluronic acid), meaning one gram of hyaluronic acid is able to hold up to six litres of water! This is important with regard to ageing because one of the hallmarks of youthful skin is its moisture content. Not only does this serum moisturise, a pure hyaluronic acid serum can prevent fine lines and wrinkles - isn’t that what all women dream of? I apply the serum every morning and evening prior to my day or night cream. Trust me, this thing works! Since my skin is very dry, I noticed the difference after a week of using it. My skin feels smoother, younger and I have less wrinkles. Why inject yourself with toxins such as botox, when you can use Hyaluronic Acid Serum! You can get it from Amazon for example from just €14!

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