SommerBeauty Tip: 100% Natural Facial Treatments at Arques Clinic

Since I turned 30 I have been putting more attention to my skincare and beauty regimes. I have been using Hyaluronic Acid daily before going to bed now over a year. (Read more about it here!) And even though the name suggests like it’s something chemical it’s actually a part of our bodies, so it’s 100% natural. That is why I decided to find out more about natural procedures, such as Hyaluronic Acid & Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment(PRP) aka Vampire Treatment in Marbella, also because my skin is extremely dry and I had heard that these procedures are the perfect solution for that problem.

When looking for the best beauty clinic in Marbella, there is no doubt that you will come across with Arques Clinic. I heard a lot of good reviews from their clients and they offer a variety of aesthetic medicine procedures from Botox to all kinds of body treatments, but what interested me most was their 100% natural procedures. I don’t judge people who do botox, but I do feel before going to these extreme measures (in my opinion), there are plenty of natural and healthier options to choose from. And of course nutrition is so important and overall our lifestyle is what shapes our look and skin!

About Dr.Mario Arques

When you let someone near your skin and face, it’s extremely important that you feel comfortable with them and that they are highly professional. So another thing that convinced me to choose Arques Clinic from all the beauty clinics in Marbella was the fact that Dr. Mario Arques has dedicated already 20 years to medicine.

He graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Granada in 1995 and earned a Masters degree in Aesthetic Medicine by the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid. He began his activity in aesthetic medicine through assistance to numerous accredited courses and by performing the Masters in Aesthetic Medicine in URJC. He began developing his medical work in the Andalusian Health Service, where he has had care and direct duties with advanced level crediting the Clinical Management Almanzora by the Agency for Health Quality of Andalusia. Dr.Arques is also a doctor of the Critical Care and Emergency Unit, having taught at the Andalusian School of Public Safety for several years, providing greater confidence to all patients who are placed in his hands.

Currently still he is forming in prestigious academies and holds courses, workshops, conferences and national and international conferences. He is a physician pioneer incorporating the latest techniques for the implementation of its beauty treatments as well as the highest quality products in professional consensus, getting to be the best in their field. When I first met Dr.Mario Arques I instantly felt very safe and fully informed of the procedures. The whole team in the clinic was super friendly and warm, they made me feel like home and I wasn’t afraid to ask questions. So I here are some questions I’m sure you would like to know the answers to:

1. Can you tell me more about Hyaluronic Acid & Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment(PRP) treatment and how long wil