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Exclusive photos of my home in Marbella

I’m so proud to show you the photos of our 3-bedroom apartment that we purchased less than a year ago. I have previously written about the progress of decorating it, click HERE to see this post. We put our heart and soul into it, to make it not just a house, but a home! First of all I would like to thank my boyfriend Sam, I would have never done this without you and our first home together is more than I could have imagined!

Luxury Homes Design would like to thank for helping us along the way and we also ordered our stunning dining room chairs, sofa, bed backdrop and gorgeous curtains from there. The lovely colourful Pucci chair was a birthday gift and it’s also from Luxury Homes Design showroom.

The golden vintage bar as well as the two vintage bedside tables are from the Flea Market in the San Pedro Poligono. They sell the most amazing vintage furniture and accessories, so make sure to visit it, if you’re looking for unique pieces for your home.

The golden console and coffee table were part of my DIY project. You can read more about them HERE! I found a lot of interesting details, such as the golden candleholders, some of the photo frames, silver tray, golden drink coasters and many other items from the DEBRA charity shops in Marbella and San Pedro. They have amazing things for the house and not only are you getting them for an incredible price, you’re also contributing to a very important charity. Our apartment is also for sale. For any enquiries please email

Photos by Arturo Parra Ramirez from Property Sales Tools

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