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Sommerlife by the pool in Marbella

My favourite season has finally arrived to Marbella! The temperature is extremely high for June, but I'm not complaining.. I'm just making the most out of it. And by that I mean I will be swimming & tanning whenever I have an hour off! I love the pool float trend and I went and bought a lovely Flamingo and a donut for whenever I have visit from my friends. I had my good friend Jennifer here from Estonia and here's a small shoot of how we were floating in the pool. I also have a small tip to all of you sun lovers out there - use coconut oil when tanning, it not only moisturises but it also has a natural SPF 6! But don't overdue it - an hour is enough to get you a nice color! And another thing.. soon I'll be launching my own superfoods, including coconut oil, so stay tuned, check out my blog and shop and enjoy the summer!


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