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Meeting the Million-Dollar Watchmaker at Gomez & Molina VIP Cocktail during Marbella Luxury Week

During the Marbella Luxury Weekend 2017 I had the pleasure to attend the VIP Cocktail Party Gomez & Molina Joyeros in Puerto Banus, where they presented several exclusive high end products. Backed by 46 years of experience representing the most prestigious watch brands of the world, Gomez & Molina always surprises with something over the top. So they started off with the global presentation of the first high-tech ceramic belt buckle called CORE-MAS, followers by a presentation of MECRE (Mechanical Creatures) collection, made exclusively for the Marbella Luxury Weekend by the artist Gaby Wormann. Moreover, the attendees could also enjoy the national presentation of the limited-edition Raymond Weil freelancer watch that honors David Bowie. Although it will not be on sale until October, it can be admired at Gomez & Molina Jewelry Shop in Puerto Banus already today if you wish. The watch, created in collaboration with the David Bowie Estate, is designed as a tribute to the life and musical career of one of the most influential artists of all time. Timed to celebrate what would have been Bowie's 70th birthday, this timepiece is dedicated to the five-time Grammy Winner. Besides getting to know these fine pieces of art and luxury, we also enjoyed drinks and canapés by #EstudioGastronomico as well as a musical performance by Dry Martina.

But the highlight was definitely the half-a-million dollar watch and one of the watchmakers himself, who we got the honor to meet personally. Even though Gomez & Molina Joyeros opened its High Watchmaking corner with Greubel Forsey already two years ago, I had no clue about this ultra-high-end boutique Swiss watch maker until we met Stephen Forsey that evening. Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey have been working together for nearly 20 years in a relationship founded on their shared technical creativity and quest for perfection. One of their masterpieces that was released in 2012,T the Quadruple Tourbillon Secret, costs a whopping $1,000,000! Born in St. Albans in England, Stephen Forsey explained us how he inherited a strong interest for the mechanics from his father. That is why in 1987, he specialised in the restoration of historic clocks, managing Asprey's watch restoration department in London before completing his training at WOSTEP. In 1992, he moved to Switzerland and joined Robert Greubel's team at Renaud & Papi until he started his own business in 1999, then formed CompliTime in 2001 with Robert Greubel. Together, they created the Greubel Forsey company in 2004. Stephen kindly took time to present us the newest eye-catching timepiece called Greubel Forsey GMT Black-Colored Watch worth $565,000 that was first presented in April this year at the most exclusive show in the world called Top Marques Monaco.

Inside the Greubel Forsey GMT watch is an in-house made and meticulously polished tourbillon-based movement. In addition to the time and power reserve, the manually wound movement offers the ability for the wearer to see the time in any of the 24 major time zones. This is executed by using using a three-dimensional representation of the earth on the dial, while on the movement-side of the watch, there is a handy city indicator ring. The parts used to produce both the interiors and exteriors of Greubel Forsey watches are hand-polished and decorated in a process that can take months. This finishing is really where so much of the expense of the watch comes in. And did I mention that they have 100 people working to create these special delicacies for the luxury lovers?

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