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A dream come true - My very own Marketing Agency Just Ad Sugar!

So, I have an announcement to make.. I have opened my very own business and partnered up with my former boss to create a Marketing Agency Just Ad Sugar! It has been my dream and actually it was one of my last year's resolutions to start my own venture and I can't believe it has happened! As I'm talking about setting up goals and following up resolutions, I would like to share with you my tips on goaldigging. First of all, every year I keep a 'Success Planner' (Eduplaneerija in Estonian). It's a notebook that has all the fields for setting up your goals for the year with quarterly recaps. So many of my dreams and plans have come true from the little book. I started keeping it because of the famed 'Secret' movie/book and I'm a 100% believer in the Law of Attraction. I believe it works, because we must take some time off, zoom into our brains and figure out what we really want and long for. And once you know what your goals are 50% of the work or even more is already done. Of course you can't just sit at home and dream all day, but I really do believe thinking through and also writing down the things you would like to have an achieve really works. It has worked for me! For example three years ago I dreamt of owning my own property and a year later I was a home-owner. I also set smaller goals and then some crazy big ones. But hey, even when you shoot for the moon and miss, you still might end up with the stars.

Enough of the law of attraction, I'd like to tell you more about the agency we have just set up. Just Ad Sugar is basically a full service marketing and advertising agency with the sole purpose of sweetening your client relationships, finding you new clients and improving your sales. We offer everything from Brand & Creativity, Online Marketing & Social Media to Events & Press. Besides my partner Joanna Burrows, we will also be working closely with a few talented graphic designers, one of them being Zoe Marmentini, whose work I adore! And another amazing professional, who will be working closely with the Google Guru Steve Cameron from Advent Communications. He is not only a Google expert, but also the Top 20 Contributor in the world to the Google Adwords Community Forum. So if you have any other questions about our agency or you would like to schedule a meeting, don't hesitate to email me or visit our website I hope all of your dreams will come true this year and I wish you only the courage to find out what they are!

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