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I'm pregnant! And this is how we found out..

26th June 2018 - Tuesday - Marbella 30 degrees

Oh wow, I will never forget that day. It seemed like it was going to be like any other day to be honest, except I had been extremely exhausted the day before and I also suffered a horrible headache. But since my period was late, I was blaming it on that and I was sure they would start any minute. the two lines appeared So after work and meetings, I had a lunch date with my sister and a really good Estonian friend and her boyfriend since it was her birthday. And it was also the birthday of my little sister (she turned 15, so she’s not little anymore but I can’t help but calling her little no matter how old she is!), who lives in Estonia. So, we were not even half way through our lunch when my friend, Aveli, who by the way also has some magical psychic abilities, just threw in a sentence that I’m pregnant. I was not following the joke, even though inside I had a doubt it might be true.. so they urged me to buy a test and take it asap! I bought two and thought I’ll do one now and then the other one in the morning, since that’s the correct time to do it. I was quite sure I’m not pregnant, so I had no problem taking the test straight away. But to my surprise, in less than seconds and I think I just stood there for a minute trying to digest what had just happened. When I told my sister and my friend, they were thrilled and super excited, but I can’t say I was jumping up and down straight away, as I was not expecting this right now AT ALL and I was in a total shock for five minutes. And don’t get me wrong, I do want to have children and after being with my fiancé for 7 years, living together 6 of those, buying a home together the timing was actually perfect. The only thing that worried me is the fact I started my own business this year and even though it’s going great, I still feel I don't want to let my partner down. But to be honest, I don’t see myself sitting home and doing nothing, so I will keep on working as long and much as I can and who says you can’t raise a business and a baby?

So after being in a bit of a shock state, my boyfriend arrived to my sister’s place, to celebrate my friend’s birthday. So I could not tell him as my face was probably totally white! So I told him there and then and to be honest he didn’t believe me in the beginning, but when he realised I’m not joking, he cried and was extremely happy and of course wanted to tell everyone of his family! Then we called my parents and told them the news and they could not hide the tears and the joy - my mom has been asking when are we having kids now for a while! So even though it was very early (I was just between 6-7 weeks I think). Sam also insisted we visit his parents the same night, who were actually celebrating their wedding anniversary. So we did and took them by surprise and of course they were soooo happy and excited for the news!

It’s unbelievable how your life can change so much from one day to the other. Suddenly there’s two of you, then there’s three! Or more! We’ve enjoyed a lot of time together with Sam, which I find very important for a couple - to get to know and enjoy each other and the life together. We have built a beautiful home together, travelled a lot, to places I know I wouldn’t go with a child, so of course we knew this was coming - just not exactly when! And I always said we should have kids before I’m 35, so here we are - having a baby at the age of 32. I totally believe that everything happens for a reason and being able to have kids is a true big blessing, so I feel very blessed and happy and honoured to become a mom - I hope not only to be the healthiest and best mommy to our little baby/babies, but I really wish I can be half the mom, my mother is!

The next day I booked an appointment for a doctor that I had been recommended - Maria Jose Castillo Garriga at the Golden Clinic and when I visited her on the 9th July, I found out I was already 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant! Also my sister gave me a lovely Pandora necklace, but I couldn't wear it before, as it was too obvious... But more about everything that happened next in my next blog post!

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