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My secret weapon for stretch marks..

We all know that there is a possibility of getting stretch marks when you get pregnant, as the hormones can soften the fibres of our skin, making it more prone to stretch marks. When your body rapidly expands as you gain weight, your skin is pulled tight over the new mass that’s formed. Stretch marks are the result of your middle layer of skin or the underlying tissue tearing from being stretched so tightly. And these tears become visible on the surface of your skin. The good thing is that stretch marks are not harmful and they are not a risk to your health. But can you avoid them? I’m sure our genes play a big part of it, some women just don’t get them, but there always is something you can do! Even though there is no real evidence that creams help to prevent stretch marks, I do believe they can really help. And we all know that moisture is one of the most important components of a healthy skin care routine. I also recommend to drink a lot of water, as it will provide your skin with the hydration and when skin cells have an ample supply of water, they’re able to function properly and repair themselves more efficiently.

Anyway, let’s talk about my secret weapon.. Right from the very first day when I found out I was pregnant, I started to use the Natural Tone Organic Skincare Rosehip Aloe Lotion daily (especially on my belly), which is not only a great every day moisturiser (and it has organic ingredients), but it’s also useful if you’re looking to prolong your tan. It combines the healing properties of the Aloe cactus with Rosehip Oil and not only is it good for your skin, it also smells lovely! I have dry skin anyway, so I have been using it for a while, but as I read about the possibility of getting stretch marks, I made sure I applied it daily! This lotion helped to keep my skin smooth and preserved my skin elasticity so I never got stretch marks with my pregnancy. Here's a photo of me 1 week postpartum.

Also if you’re breastfeeding, you must really be careful choosing your skincare products, since some moisturizers contain ingredients that may find their way into your breast milk. In particular, avoid Retinoid and products with Retinol, Retinol-A, or some other variant of this compound. Parabens are also unsafe. So I recommend always try to choose skin care products made from natural ingredients, such as Natural Tone! They are

- 100% Natural with organic ingredients

- Toxic free

- Reef friendly

- Biodegradable

- Environmentally safe

- Never tested on animals

They also offer sunscreens that are suitable for adults as well as children, I have used them on all of my vacations and never got burnt. And if I accidentally did (because I stayed out in the sun too long and didn’t reapply or I forgot to apply on some areas), then they have a miracle healer for sunburn - the Recovery Gel with real pure Aloe Vera as well as other amazing natural ingredients. You apply that and the next day you’re good to go again, it’s really that good! I will never change back to any other sunscreens or moisturisers. I also have a gift to all of my readers and followers - you can enjoy 10% of ALL products on their online shop (they ship to Europe, UK and US). All you have to do is introduce the code TENE10 in the discount code section when checking out! Happy healthy tanning & moisturising! If you live in the Costa del Sol, you can get the lotions delivered to you, as they have a representative here, all you have to do is call, so you don't have to pay any shipping!

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