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I’m pregnant again!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed my growing belly, but if not then I have news - I’m pregnant again! I’m already 21 weeks in (5 months), but feeling great! But I must admit that the first trimester was a lot harder this time - I had nausea, which I didn’t have with Amanda, and I was exremely tired. But thankfully it all changed after I hit the second trimester after 12 weeks. But of course it’s a lot different to be a mum for a toddler and pregnant with your second as with the first pregnancy you just relax as much as possible, but it’s just not possible with a 2,5 year old.

I’m really happy with the age gap that they will have (3 years+), as for me to have two kids under 2 seemed a bit overwhelming, and I also liked the fact that i could really enjoy Amanda baby years and give her my full attention and love without having to share it with another sibling. But now that she’s in the kindergarden, we felt it was a great time to have another one, so end of April/beginning of May will be a very exciting time for our little family, as we will grow into a family of 4! It's very surprising how much quicker you start showing with your second one, on these photos i was just 16 weeks pregnant, with the green dress however 19 weeks! I will soon be revealing the baby’s gender as well as we just found out this week, so stay tuned and I hope you’re having a lovely Christmas month!


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