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Amanda’s Favorite Baby Toys 0-5 Months

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

If you’re wondering which toys to get your little one, then maybe this post can help you. Find below some of the toys that our babygirl liked the most and of course feel free to comment with your suggestions. At a very early age, the best toys are of course hanging toys, a rattle, a play mat where she can be on her tummy and if you’re into Montessori, then you will also probably choose wooden toys over plastic - not only is it good for the environment, but also good for their sensory development and you’re using a piece of nature to inspire your child.

One small tip: sometimes I thought she doesn’t like a certain toy, but then a month later for example, that toy became her favorite, so don’t just give them away, leave them on hold and try them a bit later!

One toy that is not listed here as it's really not a toy is a mirror - whether you have a big wall one or you can place one safely low on the floor so that your baby can see themselves. And another tip if you live in Marbella is to buy some toys from the Charity shops, such as the Debra shop in San Pedro and in Marbella or also Caritas has various shops.

PlayGro - she loved this toy - great to use in the car or anywhere you go.

Fisher Price Gym with a Piano - this one we used right from the beginning, but of course she didn’t play on the piano - but as she started kicking with the feet, she discovered the piano and loved it. Great toy - highly recommend.

Fisher Price Butterfly Dreams 3-1 - this was a gift (along with the Fisher Price Gym) and we actually still use the projector in her room, even though she is 18 months old. Lovely 3 sounds (we like the nature one) and you can also use it in the pram!

Sophie The Giraffe Teether - another great gift we received and she loved Sophie, especially during the teething time which was around 4 months onwards.

Playgro Rings - these I got from Alcampo in La Canada - and these are amazing - you can use them to hang other toys, you can use them in the stroller, car seat etc.

Baby Bjorn Balance Chair - This was a gift from my mum and it was sooo useful - it was such big help and also she enjoyed it a lot! This chair can also be combined with the Fisher Price Gym circle! Check my photos below. Plus when we hanged the colorful mat in front of her, that turned out to be another toy that she loved to look at! 



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