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Top 10 Thailand Travel Tips

1. Change money in the airport

The best is if you bring most of your money in cash and change it in the airport, you will find the cheapest rate there and you can see the locals changing their money there as well!

2. Take a sunscreen with you or buy it at the airport

They sell some dodgy brands over there, so better to come prepared! I love Hawaiin Tropic, Vichy and Nivea sunscreens. And go for factors 30 to 50. Trust me, the sun is strong over there.

3. Haggle, haggle, haggle

I know you have heard this one before, but really don’t forget to haggle in the markets. And once you start walking away, thats when they will call you back with a lower offer…

4. Bring a hand sanitiser

I always carry mine with me and you will need it - especially in Bangkok!

5. Never say you’re visiting for the first time

Don’t tell any taxi drivers etc that you’re visiting for the first time, they will take advantage of you.

6. Be careful with spicy food

I like medium spicy food, but there medium-spicy is little-spicy or mild. So be careful of the level of spiciness you order.

7. Travel light

To travel comfortably with ferries etc you need to travel light and with a luggage that is easy to carry around. Also travel light so you can buy cool souvenirs, clothes etc.

8. Bring your country’s souvenirs

Thai people will really appreciate a small gift from your country, so if you can take some small souvenirs with you!

9. Enjoy massages

A massage there costs around 7€ per hour so enjoy as many as you can! And do tip the masseuse after.

10. Plan your trip beforehand

You don’t want to be googling and searching for things to do and where to go when you’re already there. If you’re there and have no clue what to do ask the locals!

Another tip for all the wine lovers! Bring some wine from your home or from the airport, since it's quite expensive there. And the last one - stay in 5 star hotels! At least in Bangkok, because they're not so expensive and there's nothing better than starting your trip with a luxurious stay! Check out my favourite hotel in Bangkok - Oriental Residence!

Massaman restaurant in Aonang

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