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Size Zero Marbella: I lost 18cm in one go!

I saw this new salon in Cristamar Centre in Puerto Banus and the name really catches your attention - Size Zero Marbella! Does that mean I can be size 0? Not that I wanna look anorexic, but hey which woman doesn't want to lose some kilos! I decided to give it a go. What do I have to lose anyway besides some centimetres. They have an introductory offer for just €39 and if you don't lose at least 4cm you don't have to pay!

Size Zero in Marbella

What is Size Zero Marbella?

I have heard of many different treatments and tried electrofitness, but this one was a totally new thing for me! Even though it's was invented in the Netherlands already 4 years ago, it's the first year Size Zero is also available in Puerto Banus, Marbella! In comparison to existing machines that generate monotone impulses that are foreign to the body, the Size Zero Easy Shape Trainer system works with the body’s own vibrations; HFT®-technology (Human Frequency Technology) that efficiently provides visible and measurable results right away. Most users experience a loss of 8 to 28 cm right after the first treatment (this takes anywhere from 30 to 55 min).

Ultrasound, lymphatic drainage, muscle training and electrostimulation in one treatment.

What happens during your session?

The first treatment will altogether take more or less an hour. I was greeted by the lovely Leila in the salon who explained everything and answered all my questions. So first she took my measurements and after that, she entered my weight and measurements into the Size Zero Easy Shape Trainer which scanned my body to determine muscle mass, fat and water. The machine will then use this information to propose a custom treatment and a recommendation for the frequency and number of treatments.

Since i wanted to target the abs and the legs, the 'pads' were placed in those areas. The sensation throughout the session is very interesting - a bit tingling, but not tickling. You can't fall asleep, but also it doesn't hurt. Definitely way easier than running on the treadmill! During the session, which lasts around 30-40min you can read a magazine or even be on your phone.

How many centimetres did I lose? So then the magic happens! The after measuring is the best part of this experience - I can't believe i lost a total of 18cm from my stomach and legs! Of course part of it is water retention, but not all of it. So, does it work? YES for sure! And this is just one treatment.. I can imagine the results after 4 weeks! Anyway, enough about me, I think it's time for you to give it a go. And if you'd like to WIN a FREE session, head over to my Instagram or Facebook, like & share the post and you can be the lucky winner!

Book your appointment today: Phone: +34 65 303 43 42

Address: Cristamar Centre in Puerto Banus Av. de las Naciones Unidas B-37-A 29660 Marbella Málaga, Spain

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