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11 Day Detox in Marbella with Leila Glover

So last week I started the 11 Day Detox in Marbella with a personal health coach from Mind Body Blitz - Leila Glover. After the vinolicious summer I felt my body really needed a new clean start. Plus, my boyfriend said he will do it with and we would have the daily support from Leila and recipes/guides to follow day by day. It’s definitely not a fast or just a juice detox - it’s all about clean fresh eating and a lot of protein as well! It is literally like wiping the slate clean – and giving your body a whole new beginning.

I met Leila actually in Size Zero Marbella (click here to read my blog about it) and she told me about her DYI Marbella Online Detox program and I was immediately intrigued and I wanted to give it a go. Also what I loved about this cleanse is that by the end of 11 days, I should know exactly which foods work for your body, and which ones inflame you.

So I am at my Day 7 right now and all I can say is I feel AMAZING and super ENERGIZED. I had a bit of a headache during the second day (probably because I am used to 3-4 coffees a day and now I’m only having one cup of organic coffee a day) I have also found so many interesting recipes and ideas from this detox that I will continue using daily after I finish this programme. I have not touched any alcohol, sugar, wheat, dairy or any processed foods to be honest. It doesn’t mean I never will, but when you see how your body reacts when you cut out all these things you really start thinking.. I cook everything from the freshest products I find and it really tastes good and feels even better. After every meal I feel satisfied and never bloated or tired. And I even get up some days before my alarm - how cool is that! Not only is it a detox for your body it's also a cleansing for your mind..

Super Lovely Mango Dressing for my Salad

Anyway, follow me on Instagram and Facebook for my daily posts about my foods and I can’t wait to tell you more about this Detox after I have finished it. But I have to say, so far I’m more than pleased - I feel lighter and happier and inspired :) Thank you Leila! If you would like to read more about Leila’s programme then visit her website and start already this week! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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