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Reggae Bar at Crown Lanta Resort

Altogether we stayed at Crown Lanta Resort for three relaxing nights. But you could easily stay there for two weeks, because of the different facilities the hotels offers such as a spa, private beaches, Reggae Bar, different restaurants and you also can use the bicycles and kayaks free of charge, or just read a book in their beautiful private beach. But in this blog post, I want to show you our favourite part of the hotel - the Reggae Bar. Located at the seafront, the Reggae Bar is the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset whilst sipping on some Pina Coladas. And they also have a Happy Hour conveniently just when the sun sets with complimentary snacks! Once a week they also have a cool local band playing live on the rocks. Do you need more convincing?

The Reggae Bar has some very funky little cabanas, where you can lie down and relax, there are also some tables available, if you’re looking to eat something and the best part for me was their super cute Tree Houses. When we were up there, I totally forgot about the date, the time and I did what I came to do - relax to the max. And you don’t have to worry about the waiters bothering you every five minutes, since there is a small service bell that you can ring whenever you need a new drink!

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