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What to do in Langkawi? Sky Bridge & Cable Car

Since the stunning Casa del Mar beachfront resort is just 18 km from the iconic Langkawi Cable Car & Sky Bridge we decided to go check it out and because it’s one of the major attractions in the island. Opened in 2003, the Langkawi Cable Car, also known as Langkawi SkyCab, offers an aerial link from the Oriental Village at Teluk Burau to the peak of Gunung Machinchang, which is also the location of the famous Langkawi Sky Bridge. Langkawi Cable Car ride, with a total length of 2,2km, is definitely one of the most unforgettable thrills I have ever experienced. Even though I’m not afraid of heights, but this ride will take you to the height of 708 meters in just 15 minutes through the steepest cable car gradient in the world (42°), whilst offering amazing views of the mountains, islands and the Andaman Sea. After purchasing the ticket you will actually have to hop into the gondola as it keeps moving in the pedestal. From the base station you will move up to the Middle Station, which is at an elevation of 650m above sea level. You can enjoy panoramic view of the main island as well as the many surrounding islands. Once you reach the Top Station, you can take a short walk up the stairs from the Top Station at an elevation of 708m above sea level and there you are at the top of Machincang mountain and you can experience some dramatic views from the platforms there.

From the Top Station you can either walk to the Sky Bridge or take a SkyGlide to the bridge. Completed in 2004, this suspended bridge is 125m long as is considered to be the longest free span and curved bridge in the world. The entire bridge, in all its elements had to be lifted to the top of the mountain by helicopter and was later assembled to its current position. The Skybridge is definitely worth visiting - it swings out over the beautiful jungle giving you to an otherwise unattainable location. Since we chose the combo ticket (€16pp), we could also visit the SkyDome and the 3D Art Langkawi. Equipped with 12 projectors, SkyDome offers 360 degrees of 3D image projections in HD. We enjoyed a short screening and the feeling was sensational - it all felt so real! Last, but not least we visited also the biggest 3D Art Interactive Museum in Malaysia. It features more than one hundred 3D interactive paintings, artistically painted by a group of talented international artists. Even though we thought this is more for the little ones, we still gave it a go and actually ended up having a lot of fun making the 3D photos of ourselves.

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