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My first ever Leica!

I would like to introduce you to my new favourite item - the new Leica Sofort from Leica Marbella! Basically it's like a polaroid camera that makes instant photos, so you can frame those special moments straight away. I have to thank my favorite photographer, Pedro Jaen, for introducing me to this cool gadget! Leica cameras have always been my dream and I'm so excited for my first one. This Leica model is the perfect combination of style and functionality, making it the ideal companion for fashion-conscious people who love photography. It comes in a choice of cool and contemporary colours – orange, mint and white. I went for cool orange. What’s your colour?

The Leica Sofort has a programme suitable for every occasion. Just pick the one you need, concentrate on your subject and let the Leica Sofort take care of everything else. But if you prefer to take control of the focusing distance, flash and exposure compensation yourself, your Leica Sofort lets you do just that – whenever you like. As you can see: the Leica Sofort is focused on you – not only in Selfie mode, but with all its other settings, too:

  • Macro

  • Bulb

  • Automatic

  • Self timer

  • Party and People

  • Sport and Action

  • Double Exposure

  • Selfie

Get yours today:

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