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Wedding of the year in London with a 1000 Guests!

Me and my boyfriend were invited to an amazing Indian wedding in the end of August in London and of course we could not miss it. The wedding took place in the beautiful Arora ballroom of the new 5* Intercontinental London O2 Hotel, where we also stayed during the weekend. We also attended the religious ceremony in the temple the day before and it was an incredible experience. It was so different from the weddings I have attended before and even though I didn't know many of the guests, they were all so warm and welcoming, making us feel like at home. So they big party the next day started already 3pm with a welcome cocktail in the chic lobby in front of the ballroom and as soon as the doors opened, everyone was overwhelmed with the beauty of it. The set up was like a Disney Dream - a big Taj Mahal projection in the background (the biggest one ever made for a wedding) and 76 tables beautifully decorated for almost a 1000 guests! I was honestly speechless for a minute, or maybe an hour! Even though we were in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world - it felt as we were suddenly transported to a Bollywood dream. Anyway, enough said, I must say the photos will speak louder than words here. Congratulations & thank you again Manpreet & Satinder for having us in such an amazing wedding party, it was definitely a dream come true just to be a part of it!

Photos: By me and by Snob Events

Video: Cineture

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