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Mexico Blog #3: Why I would stay again at Barcelo Resort in Riviera Maya

Since we stayed in another all-inclusive resort (Principe Bahia) after Barcelo Maya Grand Resort, Riviera Maya, I would choose Barcelo resort in Riviera Maya over it anytime. Why? Mainly because Barcelo was much more luxurious and I also preferred their amenities to Bahia’s. All in all, the main reasons why I loved this resort are:

1. It’s a ‘Grand’ Resort! It’s so big with so many facilities and areas. you won’t be bored, that’s for sure.

Because of its greatness, you will also never have a problem finding a pool chair or a sun bed on the long strip (2km) of the hotel’s private beach.

2. Getting around is easy. There are huge 2-storey buses going around the resort, so you can get from your room to the restaurants very easily!

3. The hotel has activated for both adults as well as kids. We enjoyed the yoga classes in the huge gym and relaxed in the spa and since we were there during Superbowl, they had set up a huge screen set up with buffet and drinks to enjoy the game! There are also concerts, shows, classes for kids, dolphin shows - you name it! And I forgot to mention water sports, scuba diving and snorkelling! The water sports area is situated in the middle of the beach in front of the pier. Non-motorized water sports are all included in the all inclusive package. Choose from snorkel equipment, take out catamarans, water trikes, kayaks, etc here. First come, first serve!

4.Countless amenities! Besides the shows and activities the hotel features so many amazing amenities -

Three theaters, Casino, Strikers Sports Bar and Bowling Center, Maya Mall Shopping & Entertainment Centre, Mexicana, which has a market, Jaguar’s Disco, the Church and much more! They also have 37 conference rooms and 5 business centres, which is why this hotel is equipped to host all types of conferences and conventions.

5. Animals in the resort. here are so many (harmless) animals around the resort, such as geckos, squirrels and even coatis(similar to raccoons) at night!

6. And of course the restaurants if one of the reasons why to choose Barcelo. Read about my dining experience at the hotel HERE!

When I imagined staying at a resort in Mexico, I thought about the white sand and the turquoise water... but it’s this experience showed how much one resort has to offer. And it’s more than you can grasp! I will definitely hope to return to this stunning Caribbean paradise again soon, but next time for much longer!

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