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Concert weekend in Dublin

The second weekend of June, I enjoyed a cool concert weekend with my boyfriend in Dublin and also in London! I gave Sam (my boyfriend) tickets for Christmas to see one of his favorite artists, Liam Gallagher, in Ireland and so we spent two nights in Dublin, where neither of us had never been. So it was a great excuse for a little getaway spiced up with some cultural activities.

We were really lucky with the weather, so we could stroll around the city and enjoy it to the maximum. I had no idea I love Irish people that much - wow, how friendly are they! And not only friendly, but so polite! Not that I thought that they were rude, but on a busy shopping street in a city, you usually get people stomping all over you and not caring, there I heard sorry almost around every corner! Anyway, since we didn’t have too much time, we saw some of the main sights by walking (The Temple Bar, The Castle, The Trinity College Library etc), but then we took the bus tour to get a better overview of the Guinness City. I still feel we have a lot to discover, so we will return, but to our surprise Dublin actually wasn’t that expensive as you think (also depends what you’re used to - if you compare it to Geneva you can even say it’s cheap!) I didn’t shop a lot, but I did visit a cool vintage shop in the centre and found there is quite a few there and so I decided to purchase a pair for beautiful vintage earrings to remind me of this trip! Another ‘treasure’ I found on this trip was an amazing singer - Kevin Fagan! We noticed him singing on the street in front of this stunning church and he sounded like he should be selling out stadiums, not someone who should be playing on the street! Anyway we asked for his card and I found out via Instagram that he is working ob his first EP, so make sure to follow him on his way to the top! Cause he will be there!

About the concert - it took place in the Malahide castle and although it felt at one point as if it’s going to rain, we were lucky to enjoy the whole concert without getting wet. The first warm up act from Liverpool was amazing - they’re called Louis Berry! (my favorite songs was 25 reasons!), but to our surprise the main warm up was none other than The Verve legend Richard Ashcroft! He was also one of my boyfriend’s favorite artists and although I don’t know a lot of his songs, everyone knows the Bittersweet Symphony and to hear that live is really an experience! So the main act Liam Gallagher came on quite late, but he gave his all and I actually enjoyed all of his songs (I guess it also helps if you’re in the front row - you get a much better concert experience no matter who you’re listening to!) Anyway, let my photos do rest of the talking - hope you enjoy them!

(and the colorful doors!)

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