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5 things I did when I found out I was pregnant

1.I told my family & closest friends - I didn’t want to tell many people until I had my first doctor’s appointment, but it was very difficult to hide such great news!

2.I googled - found out the do’s and don’ts - of course you will hear them from others, but I want to get all the information I can. Also as I’m half vegetarian already, I don’t really want to eat that much meat, eggs and fish as they suggest in all of those articles what to eat. There are so many other foods to get the nutrients and vitamins from - I will make sure to do my research to eat as clean as possible.

3.Made an appointment with a doctor, who was recommended by a few friends - Maria Jose Castillo Garriga at the Golden Clinic. And she also works at Quiron, when it’s time to deliver the baby!

4.Browsed some cute baby things online (also bought some cute grey clothes since I didn't know the sex) & started a Pinterest board to save all of my favorites. I also ordered a pregnancy diary!

5.Downloaded some baby apps - What to Expect & Baby Center are the two apps I love the most - they can help you keep track of your pregnancy, what’s happening with your baby and your body week by week! Love it!

I also started an Instagram account (not to bother everyone with my baby-craze) - SommerMum!

Marbella Preganancy Baby

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