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Is it a boy or a girl?

I know some people prefer not to know the baby’s sex until it’s born, but we were so anxious to find out and I was so surprised when the doctor told us already during the 3 month scan that she is 80% sure it's a girl. But as I have heard many stories of how they say it’s a girl in the beginning and then later it can turn out to be a boy, I wasn’t relying on that 80% that much. But after our last scan (17 weeks) my doctor Castillo confirmed that it’s 100% a girl! How exciting!!! I would love to have a boy and a girl, so of course I would be happy with either. I know it sounds corny, but it’s true that all I can think about is that I want my baby to be healthy and of course I want the pregnancy and the birth to go smoothly. But anyway, we’re very excited to have a baby girl - can’t wait to see how she will look like! Will she have my eyes or Sam’s lips? Or will she have my stubbornness or Sam’s love of football? We’ll find out soon! And yes, we do have a name for our girl - we actually chose a boy and a girl names more than 5 years ago. But I will not tell you yet.. unless you can guess?

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