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First photos of our baby girl!

Since I’ve already had 3 scans, I have photos of our little baby girl and during the last scan, when I was 21 weeks, we also got some 3D photos! I also invited my sister and my parents in law to join us! But we told our doctor that we would skip some scans now unless it’s necessary and he was actually surprised as usually the parents want all the scans. But we decided not to disturb her if she is doing well, so we will hopefully do only one more scan maybe when I’m 7-8 months pregnant to check the growth. But we’re very excited to see her doing well and she seems to love yoga already, judging by one of the photos! We also have been checking which hospital to pick and even though I have Sanitas and could use a private hospital, everyone keeps recommending us the Hospital Costa del Sol - also because I’d like to have a natural hypnobirth if possible. So let’s see, we still have a few months to go and to decide. If you have any recommendations, feel free to comment below about your experience!

16 weeks scan

16 weeks scan

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