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Baby Fashion: Cute Organic Cotton Baby Clothes by Mori

I recently ordered some super cute organic baby clothes online from BabyMori! I like the simple design and clean colors, but I like the brand mainly because of the fact that Mori uses the softest and highest-quality products, that are crafted from sustainable sources to ensure that our manufacturing methods are environmentally conscious, and that only natural materials touch your baby’s delicate skin. The clothes are made of organic cotton and bamboo and their unique signature material feels softer than silk and is safer than regular fabrics as it is breathable and thermoregulating. Both of these properties keep a baby at the right temperature every night, through every season making organic cotton & bamboo a soft, safe and sustainable fabric to dress your baby in! Do I need to say more? Or shall I just say Mori! :)

Some of the items I got were a Knitted Set (Jumper & Jugger) from their new Knitwear collection - it’s so soft, as it’s made of organic cotton, so the baby should really enjoy this one! I also chose a simple long sleeve bodysuit, that opens from the front, making it easier for you to change your baby and a 2-pack of Large Muslins made of prewashed material and these are perfect for feeding, winding and swaddling. I also like their zip-up sleep suits and sleeping bags!

The company also believes in recycling (as do I) and that’s why they have also set up their Kindness Project. When you return your pre-loved MORI products we’ll pass them on to Little Village, who are a London-based charity run by the local community to give families in need a helping hand! Right now Mori Baby offers spooky savings of 30% and more, but hurry up, it ends on Halloween!

P.S. MORI 森 or もり means "forest" in Japanese, which is our nod to the purity of nature.

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